PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex

Arcadium Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 9AM-10PM
Friday & Saturday: 9AM-Midnight
Try your luck at over 100 interactive games! Arcadium features the hottest interactive video games from your favorite classic to our realistic 3-D flight simulator! Earn quality gifts and fun prizes at our redemption center and challenge your friends on our big screen sports games!

Half Price Games Monday-Thursday!
9AM-10PM Monday-Thursday in January at Arcadium. Try your luck at over 100 of the hottest arcade games including Fruit Ninja, Infinity Blade FQ, Pac Man Battle Royale, Speed of Light, Wheel of Fortune and more! *Does not include Lazer Tag, Go Kart, and Simulator Rides.

2 NEW RIDES at XTreme Theater!
Strap in for two ALL NEW 4D adventures at XTreme Theater in Arcadium!

The Great Wall of China
Take a cycle rickshaw ride along one of the Seven Wonders of the World! But wait... are those rockets strapped to this contraption? Careen through twists and turns, down steep drops and through amazing scenery from golden sunset and cherry blossom-strewn paths to starry nighttime sky, full of glowing luminaries and fireworks. We're not sure what section of the Great Wall this is, but we're pretty sure you can't find it in the tourist's guide! Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of a magical Chinese dragon... if she doesn't spot you first!

Are you ready for this infernal roller coaster? Welcome to Paris, the City of Light! But there's not much daylight to be seen as you explore the depths of a shadowy, spooky underground cemetery. You'll be clinging to your seat as you're launched through twisty tunnels and fend off bony attackers. But hang on, as the finale will catapult you right out of this world!
**This ride contains mildly spooky imagery, eerie music and a few jump scares.

Fruit Ninja
Infinity Blade FX
Pac Man Battle Royale
Guitar Hero Arcade
Deal Or No Deal
Big Screen PGA Golf
Max Flight 3-D Simulators
Airhockey and Basketball challenges
Racing games and shooters
tons of exciting ticket games
and more!

Games range from $0.25 to $5. There's something for all ages!

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Arcadium Arcadium Arcadium Arcadium

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