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Burlington Express Jackpot

Match the Numbers and Win!
The Burlington Express Jackpot is here! Winning is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... or any of your favorite 5 numbers. Match the numbers and WIN. Pick your lucky digits, or let us pick for you. Watch for BONUS WINS!

All New Big Prize Rewards
We're adding brand new prize rewards to the Burlington Express Jackpot! Watch this space, more details coming soon!

The Burlington Express Runs Daily!
Burlington Express Jackpot game times are subject to change. Time changes will be posted.

How to Play
The all NEW Burlington Express Jackpot at Catfish Bend Casino is a number matching game that awards prizes based on the outcome of a random selection of five numbers between zero (0) and nine (9).

The Burlington Express Jackpot enhances the Catfish Bend Casino gaming experience offering Players’ Club members additional winning opportunities.

The Burlington Express Jackpot is exclusive to Catfish Bend Casino Players’ Club members. Players’ Club is FREE to join. Patrons 21 years or older may enroll at Player Services with a valid photo ID.

Every Players’ Club account is assigned a random five-digit number. A player may keep the assigned number, or change it to any number desired. Once the player sets his or her number, the number stays with the player’s account until the player changes it. Numbers may be changed as often as the player desires.

Random bonus Free Play awards are determined based on the player’s numbers matching the Burlington Express numbers. Numbers must appear in the correct positions to qualify.

Free Play prizes are awarded when a player matches two (2), three (3) or four (4) numbers. Free Play is automatically credited to the eligible Players’ Club members account for download. Unused Free Play prizes expire 30 days from time of issue.

Matching all five numbers in the correct order qualifies the Players’ Club for the top prize award paid in the form of cash or check. Casino monitors display the current top prize amount. If more than one member matches all five numbers on the same round, the prize will be split accordingly.

Members must be using their own Players’ Club card to claim a prize. Identification will be required to collect any top award prize. State tax will be withheld from any prize over $1199.99.

Players’ Club card must be actively in play when the Burlington Express Jackpot triggers.

At random times throughout the gaming day, the Burlington Express Jackpot will be triggered across the entire casino. Patrons will hear train sounds and animated Burlington Express graphics will appear on casino monitors and on Namb2 displays at participating slot machines announcing the Burlington Express is rolling in at Catfish Bend Casino.

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