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Catfish Bend Casino Home Run Hole Challenge Rules
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Each person who chooses to participate in this gambling game is responsible for reading and understanding the following rules of the game:
Entry: Must be 21 or older and complete ONE legible entry form, available at the main entrance to Community Field each home game. One eligible entry selected each 2017 Burlington Bees Home Game.
Drawing: Each Burlington Bees Home Game prior to the first Bees batter in Inning One.
Prizes: Choice of one $50 Catfish Bend Casino Free Play (must be 21 or older) OR one $50 FunCity Gamebucks card provided each Home Game selected participant.

$10,000 CASH awarded to selected participant should a Burlington Bees Player hit a qualifying home run through the Official Home Run Hole on the night participant is selected. Must be present to win. Verification required.

  1. Employees of Catfish Bend Casino and Huckleberry Entertainment and the Burlington Bees are not eligible to participate.
  2. Participation in this game is open to eligible persons 21 years of age and older who completed a legible entry form and whose entry was selected prior to the first pitch to a Burlington Bees player in the First Inning of a Home Game at Community Field.
  3. This promotion will be conducted during the 70 Home Games of the Burlington Bees 2017 season played at Community Field, Burlington, Iowa.
  4. This promotion will comply with the 2017 National Association of Professional Baseball League’s Gambling Guidelines for Promotion and Advertising Opportunities Involving Legalized Gambling Enterprises.
  5. By entering as a contestant in this promotion, a $10,000 Cash winner grants permission to Catfish Bend Casino, the Burlington Bees and Odds On Promotions to use the winner’s name and likeness for promotional and advertising purposes without notice or compensation.
  6. To qualify for the $10,000 cash prize, a team member of the Burlington Bees must hit an officially scored HOMERUN completely through the 48” target hole placed a minimum of ten feet above the playing surface and no less than 380 feet from home plate. The ball must pass through the target opening on the fly without any aid from an individual, surface or object and remain in the net.
  7. The qualifying homerun must occur during an official inning of a Bee’s home game during the 2017 regular 70 home game season.
  8. If a game is rained out, suspended or cancelled and rescheduled as a double header, Catfish Bend Casino will notify Odds On Promotions of any such scheduling change. Odds On will provide an addendum reflecting coverage for both games. A participant will be selected for each game as per entry and drawing rules stated above.
  9. The box score submitted for this promotion is subject to the official scoring rules of baseball as adopted by Major League Baseball.
  10. The official scorer is not permitted to make a scoring decision that is in conflict with the official scoring rules.
  11. Patron MUST be present to win and will be required to immediately report within five minutes with valid photo identification to claim the entry. Patron will report to the designated area as directed via the Community Field public address system.
  12. In the event the selected patron is not present at Community Field when a qualifying Home Run is hit through the target, or should the selected patron not be eligible to win, he/she is disqualified and he/she will forfeit the prize. The $10,000 prize will instead be awarded to the Burlington Bees Friends of Community Field 501c3.
  13. A selected patron is disqualified if he/she fails to report to the designated location within five minutes of the qualifying home run.
  14. Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes.
  15. Rules for this promotion are posted at the main entrance to Community Field and are available at www.gobees.com and www.thepzazz.com.
  16. Management reserves all rights, including but not limited to, providing reasonable accommodation to the physically impaired.
  17. Patrons not abiding by the official rules will be disqualified.
  18. Catfish Bend Casino reserves the right to cancel this promotion with or without notice.
  19. All management decisions are final.
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